DVL Deco

Color: Black
A treat you deserve!

Feel free to mix and match with other Daily Vegan Leather items priced at ₱1500. Have them both in your cart and use the code: B1T11500 to avail our Buy 1, Take 1 FREE!

Why did we use Daily Vegan Leather (DVL)?

Our Daily Vegan Leather is a classic Straightforward favorite, because it's cruelty-free and an intensely durable alternative to cowhide leather. It is water-resistant, guaranteed to last for years, and is available in a sleek selection of colors.

Why did we design this?

Handle the daily hustle & bustle with DVL Deco.

A sling bag that's precisely right for your style moderne look! With its geometric design and stitched lines, get that boldly sleek look anywhere you go.

What are its sizes?

Maximum weight capacity: 1 KG

What are the payment options?

Take a second look.