SoftThread Work N Play Shirt (Navy Blue)


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Why did we use SoftThread Fabric?

We love playing with fabric and bringing out the best value in everything so we came up with the SoftThread Fabric. This fabric has a comfortably soft finish and available in everyday colors. It's soft and durable at the same time, making it worth every cent.

Why did we design this?

We know how hard it is to take care of your clothes, so we designed this for everyone's convenience. It's easy to iron and softens after every wash. You can wear it over and over again without worrying about the material. It's also proven to last for years, helping you save time, money, and effort.

*Different lighting may affect the appearance of color.

What are the measurements of this shirt?

Our first model at 6'1" with a slim built, wears a medium. It won't loosen with wear. For the dimensions, refer to the size chart below:

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