The Lightest Ever

365knit superlight sneakers

Style and comfort, combined in this knitted goodness made just for you. Crafted with knitted fabric, the 365Knit Sneakers are undeniably breathable, complete with comfortable cushion for your everyday wear. Ideal for long walks and bike rides because of its lightweight yet durable design.

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the ever-reliable

Commuter Bags

      We know how this pandemic changed our ways of commuting and lifestyle. Long walks and bike rides have been the main mode of transportation for going to work and for everyday errands. These Commuter Bags are compact, water-resistant, and accessible that'll definitely help your everyday commute less of a hassle.


Your perfect casual outfit while being comfortable. A lot of us are working from home but that won’t stop us from looking good. Whether it's a Zoom meeting, Facetime photoshoot or a simple video chat with friends, these comfy shirts will surely be your go-to piece.

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Straightforward believes in


We take the daily ritual of selecting clothes seriously. Our creative research and design process takes us back to this matter as our daily grind begins. What sets us apart is that we are choosing fabric over fashion.

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