for our ever-changing seasons

drytech all-year round shorts

Lightweight and quick-drying. The DryTech Shorts Collection are made for light and hassle-free everyday activities. This fabric is quick-drying to save time and effort. Available in summer colors to remind you of the tropics all-year round.

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the ever-reliable

Commuter Bags

      We know how this pandemic changed our ways of commuting and lifestyle. Long walks and bike rides have been the main mode of transportation for going to work and for everyday errands. These Commuter Bags are compact, water-resistant, and accessible that'll definitely help your everyday commute less of a hassle.

sweater weather just got better

plain terry zipped hoodies

The zipped hoodie made to fit everybody perfectly. This not-so-basic jacket is made with our Plain Terry fabric that's both cozy and breathable, these hoodies feel like a hug from a friend.

Get warm and cozy for only P999

Straightforward believes in


We take the daily ritual of selecting clothes seriously. Our creative research and design process takes us back to this matter as our daily grind begins. What sets us apart is that we are choosing fabric over fashion.

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